American Leadership University, a multi-ethnic and an international institution located in Southern California, U.S.A., provides bachelor, master and doctoral programs in Christian leadership: Bachelor of Christian Leadership (BCL); Master of Christian Leadership (MCL); Doctor of Christian Leadership (DCL). The mission of American Leadership University is to prepare men and women for service as effective leaders and managers for churches, businesses and the wider community within a framework of Christ-centered leadership and principles.


To assure continued fulfillment of its mission, American Leadership University has established the following goals: Create a safe-place and exploring environment for students to develop an excellent learning offered by a faculty of scholars that help students engage in their learning through the academic disciplines. Encourage an environment to identify students as potential leaders in the market place as well as in ministry and then provide practical methods for mobilizing, training, coaching and releasing them toward their full potential. Train students how to develop a plan for ongoing development as a coach. Train students how to develop a feasible and relevant strategy to raise and multiply more effective leaders in their business or ministry context as well as to grow an empowering, coaching environment. Guide students to understand the context of leadership, the approaches to the problem solving, the practical knowledge in the fields of leadership and business administration and how to turn leadership goals into everyday activities. Special focus will be on the leader in context—how to lead in a specific business or specific church at a specific time. Build students’ self-awareness through a journey of discovery of the leader’s God-given strength and train the students how to come alongside others to empower them to discover and implement God’s will in their lives. Train students develop a lifelong learning goals as well as resource the ongoing development and health of leaders and a learning environment in a learning community.