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Over the past 40 years, Michael E. Gerber and his companies have worked with tens of thousands of small business owners, wannabe small business owners, the unemployed, the underemployed, the self-employed and every other dimension of being human, where the condition called “stuck” is alive and well and imprisoning the potential of the individual experiencing it. Michael Gerber saw his job to liberate everyone who is ready to do it, by awakening the entrepreneur within them.



With the help of Michael E. Gerber, we are seeking to transform lives in all areas – from designing a small business, building it, launching it and growing it. We wish to bring economic development strengths and capabilities to millions of people around the world by awakening the new entrepreneur within them.


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Tet Festival 2018

The 37th Annual Tet Festival is coming back February 16-18, 2018 at the OC Fair & Event Center! ALU and Michael E. Gerber will be there to meet and greet the Vietnamese community. Details coming soon.

RadicalU Webinar: An Introduction

Join this webinar led by Michael E. Gerber to start, grow and succeed with a company of your own. Awaken the entrepreneur within and transform your economic circumstances! The free webinar will take place Monday, December 18, 2017 at 2:00 pm, Pacific Time. Register to get access!


Find out what RadicalU is all about with this 5 minute video! The program launches February 18, 2018. Michael Gerber & Rev. Tu will be holding free webinars in the mean time!

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Personal Economic Growth Doesn’t Just Happen, It’s a Direct Product of the Right State of Mind…Applied Rightly.

-Michael E. Gerber


Dear Friend,

Welcome to the only school in the world where the science of personal economic development is applied to the lives of ordinary people to take them to an extraordinary level of achievement.

Welcome to RADICAL-U. The only school of its kind. We call it RADICAL because it encompasses the remarkable work done over the past 40 years by the man INC Magazine calls “the world’s #1 small business guru”!

That man is Michael E. Gerber. that “work” is the consulting his companies have performed on behalf of tens upon tens of thousands of small business owners throughout the world. Starting out in 1977, Michael Gerber made it his commitment “to transform the state of small business worldwide.”

Now, 40 years later, having touched the lives of millions upon millions of his readers of his now famous E-Myth Books, having grown tens upon tens of thousands of successful small companies into large companies, Michael Gerber has completed the final step in his Vision, the creation and launch of the most important product of his imagination, the school he calls RADICAL-U, the school he’s now making available to you!

Making it on your own in America (or wherever you happen to live: The Extreme Journey Toward Radical Self Employment! Yes, Radical Self Employment! That’s the extreme outcome of becoming one of Michael E. Gerber’s Students at RADICAL-U!

What’s Radical Self Employment? Well, first of all it is built upon the premise that every single human being on the planet possesses the power to make it on his or her own. That not one of us should depend upon finding and keeping a job provided by someone else. That Self Employment is not only possible for each and every one of us, but essential for our own sense of self worth and independence. Just imagine, leading an independent minded life, where not only our economic life is under our own personal control, but our creative life as well. Michael E. Gerber calls it “awakening the entrepreneur within!” It’s not only a thought he’s had, but it’s what he’s been doing over the past 40 years! It’s also one of Michael E. Gerber’s E-Myth Books, called: Awakening the Entrepreneur Within: How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Companies (Without Any Experience to Guide Them!)

Yes, the true source of personal economic development is creating a small business of your own... And as unlikely as that might seem to most, then growing that small company — or as Michael E. Gerber calls it, your Company of One, into a Great Growing Company Of 1,000!

Yes, absolutely RADICAL! Without a doubt RADICAL!

But that’s what Michael E. Gerber intends to do at RADICAL-U, Inspire, Teach, Train, Coach, Mentor, and most of all, GUIDE, millions of RADICAL-U Students toward the Design, Build, Launch and Grow Process to become Economically and Creatively Independent through the creation of a Small Business all their own! And then grow it! How in the world does he intend to do it?

Well, first of all he had to make RADICAL-U accessible to everyone! In short, it had to be a school every human being could afford. Done deal, said Michael E. Gerber!

Enrollment at RADICAL-U is now available to everyone for an annual, full-time Tuition Of only $479.40 — per year! That’s right, $479.40 a year! Compare that to a BA or BS Degree at Any University of your choice! $60,000 a year? Or more? Yes, RADICAL-U is affordable by everyone, no exceptions to that rule.

So then, how about accessibility? Where do you have to go to attend our school? That’s the best part. Just turn on your computer, and you’re there! Yes, RADICAL-U is 100% ONLINE! Just Plug yourself in, and you’re there! Once you’ve paid your Annual Tuition Of only $479.40, RADICAL-U is all yours for an entire 12 months of continuous learning!


1) RADICAL-U is the most AFFORDABLE School in the world, and

2) RADICAL-U is the most ACCESSIBLE School in the world...

But, that’s not all!

Not only is RADICAL-U the most affordable and the most accessible school in the world, but, get this... RADICAL-U is also the most EFFECTIVE School in the world... Because we don’t just TEACH you about what Entrepreneurs think about, we TEACH you, TRAIN you, COACH you, MENTOR you, and GUIDE you... To literally DO what Entrepreneurs Do! RADICAL-U’s not just a School, RADICAL-U is a Virtual Boot Camp deigned to walk you through the process of Designing, Building, Launching and Growing your very own Company of One into your Great Growing Company Of 1,000!

And, as we’ve just said, all for only $479.40 for one entire year.... And all ONLINE! But, that’s not all!

At the very heart of RADICAL-U’s one of a kind capability is the preeminent performance of Michael E. Gerber’s Curriculum, developed over 40 years of his work with tens upon tens of thousands of small companies, now, for the very first time available to everyone, no matter what Your financial condition, no matter what you know or think you know or haven’t a clue about the subject of business, no matter what KIND of business you might already have, or wish to create from scratch, no matter what you think you want to do, or what would be best for you to do, RADICAL-U was created to serve every single one if you, practically, personally, simplified and structurally, a step-by-step, brilliantly designed Experience unlike anything you’ve ever done before, ever imagined doing, all for the purpose as Michael E. Gerber says aloud, “to become the preeminent provider of economic development services, worldwide.

And how is he going to do that? By “transforming the state of small business worldwide!” And how is he going to do that? By awakening the Entrepreneur Within every single solitary person who responds to his call...

To Come Dream With Me!

To Come Learn With Me!

To Come Be Inspired by Me!

To Come Do This Grand Thing With Me!

To Come Revolutionize the economic reality of your community and your world.

Michael E. Gerber’s Eightfold Path toward Radical Self Employment

Which is another remarkable feature of RADICAL-U, that you’re going to be taught everything you need to know, in your very own Class of One.

A Class especially designed to take you at your own pace, hand by hand, whether you’re slow, or fast, your Class is ONLY your Class, despite the fact that millions of students will be following the very same path, all at the same time, learning by doing, doing what works, doing the very same things designed by Michael E. Gerber to transform the state of small business worldwide, but NOT theoretically, just pragmatically, just like every one of us were meant to learn, on the street, where each and every one of us live.

Where some things work, and some things don’t. But, as you learn at RADICAL-U, you, like every single one of Michael E. Gerber’s students over the past 40 years, learned to Create what he calls a Turnkey Company, just like Ray Kroc at McDonald’s did. That’s’ what Michael E. Gerber is going to teach you to do, to design, build, launch and grow your very own Mc Donald’s.

The most successful small business in the world.

What is the Eightfold Path?

It’s just this:

1) Your Dream
2) Your Vision
3) Your Purpose
4) Your Mission
5) Your Job
6) Your Practice
7) Your Business
8) Your Enterprise

Your Dream is the Great Result you’re setting out to produce with your Company of One.  Your Vision is the Form that Company will take in order to produce that Great Result. Your Purpose is the Impact your Company is going to have on your Most Important Customer. Your Mission is the System you’re going to invent in order to replicate your Company of One. Your Job is your Client Fulfillment System. Your Practice is your Client Acquisition System. Your Business is what your Practice Grows Into. Your Enterprise is what your Business Grows Into.

Sound Mysterious? It isn’t. It’s plain as the nose on your face once you get into it. It’s what RADICAL-U is so transformationally great at teaching students like you. It’s what has made Michael E. Gerber “the world’s #1 small business guru” over the past 40 years! And the Great News is, it’s now ready to teach you!




“Every Life a Legacy! Every Business a School!” Michael E Gerber



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